Hailing from the Tri island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, Singer/Songwriter Shirlan George, better known as Skinny Banton is penetrating the soca music industry with his unique and diverse sound/style. His love for music was identified at the tender age of 12 and has blossomed in to an indisputable force to be reckoned with.
In the early stages of Skinny Banton’s musical career, he performed as the opening act for a long list of other prominent artists of the Caribbean region ranging from Trinidad and Tobago’s Marlon Asher to Jamaica’s Richie Spice. Soon after, he garnered more credibility within the soca music industry by being crowned Carriacou’s People’s Choice Soca Monarch King in 2011 with “We Ready”. His reign as People’s Choice Soca Monarch King lasted for another two years with “Turn Ova” in 2012 and “Can’t Tame We” in 2013. “Turn Ova” and “Can’t Tame We” were both double hitters for him. In 2012 “Turn Ova” also rewarded him with the title of Carriacou’s Soca Monarch King and in 2013 “Can’t Tame We” named him Road March King. Skinny Banton has also earned positions in the Grenada Spicemas Power Soca Monarch Finals in 2012 and has become a favourite in the Carib Road Shows which take place throughout the Spicemas season.
Skinny Banton’s early recognitions set the foundation for his most recent 2018 title of “Cultural Ambassador” which was presented by Senator Jesse Hamilton of New York State and the West Indian American Day Association (WIADCA).
2015 was also a prosperous year for Skinny Banton. He advanced into the semi-finals of the International Power Soca Monarch in Trinidad and Tobago with “Soak it Good”. The hit single was originally released in 2014 and pushed a higher level of international recognition within the rising success of Jab Jab music all across the globe. 2015 continued to be a great year for Skinny Banton, with the releases of many hit songs such as “Front Yard Wet” “Freedom to Wine” and “Ready to Chip”. These releases landed him in to being a nominee of several categories in the first annual Grenada Music Awards where he was presented with the honour of being the recipient of the Soca Artist of the year award. His additional nominations included “Best Combination song of the year”, “Jab Jab song of the year”, “Music Video of the year”, “Power Soca song of the year” and “Groovy song of the year”. Needless to say, Skinny Banton’s success poured in to 2016, The Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs along with The Celebrations Committee named him “Outstanding in the Performing Arts”. The releases of “African inna we”, “Black as Ever”, “Dinner” and “Jab Behaviour” received plenty of play and were instrumental in pushing his level of performing to new heights,
2017 was the giver of many hits for Skinny Banton as well. He started off strong with “Bachannal Truck” and “J’ouvert Jam” for the Carriacou Carnival (Kayak Mas) and finished off even stronger with his socially conscious release ; “ We Doh Fraid” for Spicemas 2017. 2018 is already shaped up nicely for him. Skinny Banton’s releases for Kayak Mas which included “Aye”, “Place Get Mad” and “Till Morning Come” have filled radio airwaves and are party favourites. To say the least, he is thoroughly pleased with how well received his 2019 Spicemas contributions were. Hit song, “Wrong Again” dominated radio playlists and was a road banger on j’ouvert morning, carnival Monday and last lap for the Spicemas season. Wrong Again nicely showcases his effortless ability of telling an entertaining story that’s relatable through song. The much-loved tune continues to live on and is seamlessly permeating into the international soca market.
Skinny Banton appreciates and loves each of his supporters and fans. He has had the opportunity to bless stages all across the Caribbean, The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. He strives toward leaving his mark all over the world. Skinny Banton thanks everyone for following him on this musical movement.
“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” ~Skinny Banton